Saturday, November 2, 2019

How do I recover permanently deleted Facebook groups?

Recover permanently deleted Facebook groups

delete facebook group/
Recovered deleted facebook group

If your Facebook  group  is damaged or delected
How to bring it back?
How to spoil Facebook
Fix group? This is the 100% effective and original method
As shown in the blog post,
But if you try to fix the facebook group without falling from the beginning to the end, you can be in danger, because here
Many important and important things have been said that without trying to know the facebook group will not come back.
Please contact Facebook at the link below.
Then, after entering the link, submit the form below to Facebook accurately

"Dear Facebook" My Facebook group has been deleted. When I logged in to Facebook I got the notification.(I attached in the screenshot) I want to clearly ensure that my group didn’t violate any terms of Facebook. And in terms of supporting terrorism(reason for the group has been deleted ) I 100% ensure that we didn’t post anything related terrorism. Maybe it’s a bug /loophole of Facebook or I don’t know the actual scenario but maybe scammers and spammers posted something inappropriate to my group and reported those posts to Facebook. Maybe Facebook’s automated bot deleted the group without validating the actual scenario. I also want to mention that many popular groups from Bangladesh also deleted for the same reason. Please fix the bug/loophole as soon as possible and recover my group back to me. Thanks ( your id name)id submit



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